Regulator G. 1/4" Reg. 0-8 BAR Square body

JRQ 14
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Rif. JRQ14 Regolatore G. 1/4" Reg. 0-8 BAR Corpo Quadro. I riduttori di pressione servono a mantenere costante la pressione a valle di quella di alimentazione. Corpo in lega di alluminio, membrana in NBR, manopola e ghiera in nylon. JRQ.14 series is a compact and cheap piston pressure regulator.
It can be fixed on panel by means of a nut, on the wall using fixing holes of the body or by means of an optional bracket.
Pressure reducer JR series are used to maintain constant the downstream pressure and get the best performance avoiding any energy wasting. The wide range allows to be used even for big flow rates. Regulators from M5 to G1 can be arranged inside the control panels because it is easy to fix them with the proper brackets moreover pressure can be fixed safely by means of a knob locking system."
JRQ 14