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    Cylinders are the simplest of pneumatic actuators. They transforms the energy of compressed air into mechanical work, producing a force on the surface of the piston, which is brought to the outside by the stem. The useful work produced is directly proportional to the pressure exerted on the piston and to its displacement which is equal to the stroke. Cylinders with respect to traditional mechanical or electromechanical means have considerable advantages, such as ease of adjustment of force and speed. Cylinder construction is simple and robust, limited maintenance, guaranteed operation safety in explosive or aggressive environments. In this regard Tekmatic presents the catalog with ATEX certification on the cylinders.


    PENUMATIC CONTROLS In Tekmatic production there are a wide range of pneumatic controls, so as to make the purchase of the components necessary for the plant, complete and guaranteed by the seriousness of the company that over the years has been able to establish itself in the world of compressed air. The pneumatic Controls (MANUALS OR MECHANICAL) are those devices with valves that allow moving, stopping or reversing the direction of movement of the actuator.


    Available in two versions:

    SBS: with sliding bushes, useful for resisting high stress
    SBR: with recirculating ball bushings 10 to 32 mm diameter, starting from a minimum stroke of 10 to a maximum of 100 mm.

    Summarized as follows: rigid structure, antirotation of the load in dimensions and reduced weights, double force developed with respect to the nominal diameter, multiple fixing possibilities, possibility of adjusting the retraction .


    AIR TREATMENT The efficiency of a pneumatic system depends on the quality of the air it works with. In this section you will find everything you need for the best Air Treatment, from filtration systems to lubrication systems. Tekmatic guarantees quality and safety for a complete Air Treatment of your system.


    Our guide units are available in the versions:

    UGC: withstand limited loads and low speeds
    UGHS: with sliding bushes to withstand high stresses
    UGHR: with recirculating ball bushings, which can withstand high travel speeds

    All versions of the guide units are available in bores from diameter 20 to diameter 100 mm and in standard strokes from 25 to 1000 mm. These units guarantee a high level of precision in the handling of the workpieces and also in other applications in the handling sector, due to the many fixing possibilities present on the surfaces of the body and the plate. Furthermore, the accurate mechanical machining guarantees contained tolerances of parallelism, perpendicularity and planarity of the reference surfaces.


    PNEUMATIC VALVES Tekmatic produces a wide range of pneumatic valves for the most varied industrial plant uses. The pneumatic valves are divided into categories according to the driving system and the function to be performed. To define the most suitable pneumatic valve for the purpose of use, it is always necessary to define the number of ways, positions, control system, reset system and size. Tekmatic is able to supply you with a different range of pneumatic valves to meet every working requirement.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items